Top Commitment

スノーピークの原点は、創業者山井幸雄の若い日の想いにあります。日本が誇る名峰、谷川岳を愛したクライマーだった幸雄は、命をかけて自然と向き合う歓び、ザイルで仲間とつながる幸福、その先に究極の理想社会を夢見て、山岳日誌に純粋な想いを綴りました。自然と人をつなぎ、人と人をつなぎながら、キャンプを中心に衣食住働遊へ領域を広げる私たちの活動は、その夢の実現を目指しています。私たちの理念The Snow Peak Wayは、こんな一文で締めくくられます。「私たちは、地球上の全てのものに良い影響を与えます。」責任ある重い言葉ですが、全社員がこの理念を胸に、日々活動を続けています。

Snow Peak's origins are rooted in the aspirations of its founder, Yukio Yamai. In his youth, Yukio was a climber who loved Mt. Tanigawa, one of Japan's most famous peaks. He dreamed of the joys found in nature, even at the risk of his life, and the happiness of connecting with his friends on the mountain trail. In his mountain diary, he wrote that these things could produce the ultimate, ideal society. We aim to make his dream a reality by connecting people with nature and people with each other, expanding the scope of our activities to include food, clothing, home, work, and leisure - all with a focus on camping. Our mission, "The Snow Peak Way," concludes with the following statement: "We are committed to having a positive impact on the planet.” It's a big responsibility and heavy statement, but it's one that all of us carry with us every day.

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