noasobi essey scene 15“ Underneath a Beech Tree ”

When my children were in elementary school, I took them to a small camping site in the Tohoku Region, Japan to give them a chance to try some beechnuts.

The site was surrounded by a beech forest, and lots of beechnuts had dropped to the ground.
They were triangular in shape and about 1cm long.

The nuts that my children gathered, I braised in a skillet, and taught them how to break them with their front teeth and eat them.
And once they had tasted them, they continued to beg me for more again and again.

I nibbled on beechnuts, watching the children eat nuts.
It was good to take them out for this, I said to myself.
And every time I see a beech tree, it brings back my fond memories of the day.

Published "Snow Peak Outdoor Lifestyle Catalog" in 2008.
This series reprints the articles published in the Snow Peak Outdoor Lifestyle Catalog since 2004.